Aquarobotman Nemo | Underwater drone with 4K camera

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Nemo Underwater Drone is capable of diving up to 100 meters (328ft) deep allowing you to capture... more
Product information "Aquarobotman Nemo | Underwater drone with 4K camera"
Nemo Underwater Drone is capable of diving up to 100 meters (328ft) deep allowing you to capture Ultra HD 4K quality photo and video. You can explore the underwater world, even without physically jumping into the sea.
  • High Resolution 4K Lens. Supports up to 120fps video shooting and 16 megapixel photography.
  • QAS-Balance System. Four thrusters design and ; independently developed control system allow Nemo to travel underwater with great stability.
  • Detachable Battery Design. The Nemo battery and Wi-Fi Base Station battery can be replaced when they run out of power.
  • Multiple Experience Methods. Multiple easy operating methods are available including using APP and VR google. Under VR mode, controller can be used simultaneously with VR google. The drone will move in sync with the head movements to bring users a realistic experience.

In the Box:
1x Underwater Drone Nemo
1x Wireless Transmitter
1x Battery for Wireless Router
1x Rechargeable Battery for Underwater Drone Nemo
1x Charging Hub
1x Power Supply
1x Power Cable
1x Cable Reel
1x Kevlar Tether Cable (100 m)
1x Transport Backpack
1x Bag for Accessories

When you go on scuba diving, a lot of wonderful moments just flash across you. Nemo helps to film and record the best in yourself.
Underwater world always intrigues your inner desire to explore unknown and your dream probably comes true.
Dangers usually hide in dark corners and Nemo just find them no matter where they are.

Distinctive Features
  • Portable Design 404 L?290 W?114 H mm, 3.4kg
  • UHD Shooting System
  • UHD 4K/30fps Camera 150? Wide Angle Lens
  • 16 MP Camera
  • Innovative Power, 4 Thrusters, 2m/s Speed Maximum
  • Nemo Battery, Waterproof & Detachable, 3 Hours Working Time
  • Smart Protection System
  • Over-current Protection Anti-collision Design Tangle-free Design
  • Maximum Depth: 100m
  • Support IOS and Android mobile terminals including phone and tablet
  • Support short video capture
  • Support social sharing on the internet

Technical specifications:
Underwater drone
Weight: 3.4 kg
Dimensions (L / W / H): 404 mm ? 290 mm ? 114mm
Operating temperatures: -2?C ~ 35?C
Number of motors: 4 (2 horizontal / 2 vertical)
IMU: VR motion control, automatic hover function. It incorporates the principle of automatic control and algorithm control
Depth sensor: Yes
Temperature sensor: Yes
Max. Depth: 100 m
Max. Speed: 4 Kn (2 m / s)
Battery type underwater drone: 4000 mAh
Max. Battery life underwater drone: 3h
Battery underwater drone changeable?: Yes
Charging time battery underwater drone: 1.5 h
Memory card: 32 GB / 64 GB
LED light intensity: 1000 lumens
LED temperature: 6000-6500 K
LED dimmable: no

Camera sensor: SONY IMX 117, 1 / 2.3
Photo Resolution: 16M / 14M / 12M / 8.3M
Video Resolutions: 4K 3840 x 2160 30fps | FHD 1920x1080 30fps / 120fps
Lens: F2.8, FOV = 150 degrees
ISO: 100-3200
Focus: Fix
Camera filter mountable ?: Yes (as an accessory offered by the manufacturer)

Remote control & software
HDMI output: no
VR support: Yes
Live streaming quality: 720p
Tilt Lock Mode: No.
Max. Number of simultaneously connected devices: 3
Max. Battery life control unit: 6 h
Charging time battery control unit: 1.5 h
IOS / Android Control App: Yes / Yes
Max. Size control screen: No limitation, connectivity via WiFi base station (no possibility to mount the control panel on the remote control!)

WLAN Base Station
Size: 105 mm x 75 mm x 159 mm
Weight: 337 g
Signal frequency: 2.4 GHz
Maximum communication distance: 50 m

Cable Reels
Size: 220 mm x 220 mm x 170 mm
Weight: 920 g

Kevlar Zero lift cable

Length: 3.8 mm x 100 m
Weight: 1.1 kg

Nemo Battery
Size: 112 mm x 125 mm x 65 mm
Weight: 760 g
Battery voltage: 11.1 V
Charging voltage: 12.6 V
Charging current: 2.2 A

Wi-Fi Base Station Battery
Size: 47 mm x 120 mm x 27 mm
Weight: 150 g
Battery voltage: 8V
Charging voltage: 8.4 V
Charging current: 1 A

Nemo charger

Size: 68, 5 mm x 53 mm x 85 mm
Weight: 74 g
Input voltage: 15 V
Output voltage: 12.6 V / 8.4 V

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