AR.Drone LIPO-MONITOR/to control min./max. Lipo-Voltage

LiPo 1-6S Prüfer Tester Checker Monitor
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AR.Drone LIPO-MONITOR, LIPO-TESTER, Voltage indicator 1-6S, NEW! Can... more
Product information "AR.Drone LIPO-MONITOR/to control min./max. Lipo-Voltage"

AR.Drone LIPO-MONITOR, LIPO-TESTER, Voltage indicator 1-6S, NEW!

  • Can protect your 300 € / 300 $ toy to crash down due to voltage lost in case of damaged Lipo.
  • Can protect you from fire in case of Lipo destruction (voltage overload due to damaged balancer) ;
  • Not usable for original AR.Drone 2.0 Lipos!
Lipo-Cells are having a voltage of 3.7 V
  • the maximun allowed load voltage is ; 4,2 Volt per cell. Is the voltage increasing to more than 4,2 Volt there is a high risk of Lipo explosion and fire!
  • the minimum cell voltage is 3,0 Volt. If your cell voltage is less than ; 2,5 Volt, the Lipo is exhaustive discharged and DAMAGED!
Each cell should have
  • minimum 3.0V
  • maximum 4.2V
This Lipo monitor allows you to control each cell and also the total voltage of your Lipo (in preparation of flights or after balancing/charging). Now you are able to detect damaged Lipos and you can easily replace them !
Connect your Lipo with the balancer plug to the Lipo-monitor / now you see the voltage ouf each cell and the total Lipo voltage.

(for voltage control during the flight I recommend to use additionaly our LIPO-Beeper!
This Beeper has 2 loudspeakers and will alert you if the cell voltage is less than 3.0 Volt. You can easily store the beeper in the Indoor- or Outdoor-Hull - you definitely will hear this alert sound also during your flights!)


  • Used for 2S -6S Li-Po Battery
  • Reverse connection Protect
  • Auto switch / display of voltage data (unit by unit)
  • Only 8 gram weight

For further spare- and tuning parts, prices and availabilities: please visit our DroneParts webshop...

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