Yuneec H520 CGO-ET Set - Rehkitz-Rettungs-Paket

Yuneec H520 CGO-ET Set - Rehkitz-Rettungs-Paket
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Yuneec H520 with CGO-ET thermal imaging camera, transport backpack, DUO quick charger, 4... more
Product information "Yuneec H520 CGO-ET Set - Rehkitz-Rettungs-Paket"
Yuneec H520 with CGO-ET thermal imaging camera, transport backpack, DUO quick charger, 4 batteries - carefree package for the rescue of fawns!

For professional applications
In wind and weather, the 6-rotor system ensures precise flight - even in the event of a rotor failure. Based on the GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellite systems, the U-Blox processor determines the exact position of the H520. The energy-saving engine management and the rotors are exceptionally quiet. Show with a HV battery is about 28 minutes.

Flexible and safe use
When used at an accident site or during an event, the H520 can be connected to power with cables to increase the flight time (tethering, sold separately). To be able to deliver images to many users at the same time, the ST16S can be connected to larger output devices via HDMI. This allows local mobile operations centers, e.g. be used at accident sites or the live signal for TV broadcasts. There are currently three hot-swappable and gimbal-stabilized camera options available.

Flying weight under 2 kg
With the various camera options, the Yuneec H520 can be used for different areas. The E90 with 1 ""image sensor and 20 MP resolution is suitable for the production of high-quality moving pictures. The long-range E50 inspection camera allows a distance between copter and object. Similarly, close-up settings are possible, which is why the H520 is also suitable for professional cameramen. The CGOET dual camera with thermal and residual light sensor is suitable for fire fighting, search and rescue operations. With all three cameras, the H520 has a take-off weight of less than 2 kg.

360° video recordings
The retractable landing gear allows continuous 360 ° video recording even in tethering mode.

ST16S remote control with Intel Quadcore processor
The new ST16S remote control is Android-based and equipped with an Intel quad-core processor. Thus she has sufficient services for the compute-intensive flight apps. The 7 ""display with touch screen makes the H520 precise and intuitive to use. The display shows all flight information and the live image of the camera in 720p HD. The DataPilot app is installed as standard. This allows waypoint and survey missions to be performed. With the software solution desktop apps can be loaded on Mac and PC, missions can be planned, saved, repeated and modified. The users can do this mobile or stationary. DataPilot can process and store maps of various providers. And also fly without internet connection.

YUNEEC DataPilot
With DataPilot you can create orthomaps, 3D scans, crop data images, and repeatable stretch camera flights without the need for additional software from other manufacturers.

Whether surveillance flights, tree surveys, BIM components, perimeter security, accident reconstruction, forensic surveys, 3D scans, orthomosaic and photo stitches - thanks to the DataPilot interface, this is possible with the utmost precision and efficiency. This automatically generates a flight route to capture a defined area, even including overlays and crossed trajectories for precision 3D or large format images. Users define the resolution themselves by specifying either altitude or inch-per-pixel.

Software Development Kit (SDK)
The Mobile SDK gives developers access to the hardware and software. The SDK allows you to immerse yourself in the capabilities of the drone platform. All complex functions such as Flight stabilization is abstracted. The SDK provides a simplified interface to interact with the components of the drone. It is suitable for implementing mission-specific functionalities and for teaching the H520 completely new behaviors.

The advantages at a glance
  • For professional, commercial and regulatory areas
  • Six rotors for high safety and redundancy, high flight stability and precision in all weather conditions
  • Take-off weight with all available camera systems (E90 / E50 / CGOET) under 2 kg
  • Reliable position determination through evaluation of GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellites
  • Highly accurate and low-interference compass
  • Bright orange paint ensures good visibility
  • Video downlink encryption according to WPA2 standard including password
  • No data transfer to remote server
  • Software based on PX4 code
  • Intelligent sonar collision avoidance for safe flight
  • Low noise and up to max. 28 minutes flight time (with E50) / 25 minutes (with CGOET / E90)
  • Many service and maintenance packages available
  • ST16S with integrated 7 ""touch display, voice output and multilingual extensive DataPilot software
  • HDMI signal directly from the ST16S to output the live image to larger monitors
  • Mission planning on the computer or on the ST16S
  • Off-screen maps available, create your own maps possible
  • Waypoint and survey missions including cross flights, suitable for construction surveys, perimeter safety, accident reconstruction, 3D scans, orthomaps, surface inspections and S & R tasks
  • 2D / 3D Mapping: Angled and orthographic images in one flight for precise 3D scans
  • DataPilot automatically generates the flight route when an area to be scanned is specified including possible battery change
  • Individual resolution over inch-per-pixel or altitude
  • Missions can be saved for any repetition of the same flight route (for example for tracking shots)
  • SDK available: Third-party software and customization possible on own application
  • Tethering (sold separately)
  • Low space requirement and short set-up time
  • Retractable landing gear and 360 ° endless rotating camera gimbal
  • Hot-swappable camera / gimbal systems
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